EuroBonus member Charlotta Göransson.
EuroBonus member Charlotta Göransson.


Clothes for points

Since Charlotta Göransson travels a lot for work, she spends her EuroBonus points on gift cards for computer games and clothes for the children instead of flights.


Name: Charlotta Göransson
Age: 42
Family: Husband and two children, 8 and 12
Home: Uppsala, Sweden
Member since: 2001
Membership level: Gold member

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Charlotta Göransson is just about to book her first trip to Madrid. She’s going there for a conference, and hopefully something else.

“I hope we have time to see the Prado Museum and do a little shopping,” she says.

As a sales and marketing manager for a biomedical company, she travels a lot – at least once or twice a month. Most of her customers are based abroad.

Call for free

EuroBonus members can call and text each other for free with the “Eurobonus Connect” app or by using their points for making phone calls – over Wi-Fi.

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What’s your favorite holiday destination?

“The US. Everyone loves New York, but I like San Diego – for the weather. And Washington, DC. It’s a very walkable city, and you can walk to the White House. Chicago is another favorite vacation city of mine. It’s like New York, but not as busy.”

What do you use your EuroBonus points for?

“I travel so much for work, and it’s difficult to take my two kids out of school, so I use my points for gift cards instead of flights. I once used points for a few nights in a hotel.”

What do you get with the gift cards?

“A lot of Polarn O. Pyret winter clothes for the kids. And now that my son is a little older and has more expensive tastes for things like computer games, I get a gift card from CDON, and then he can get exactly what he wants.”




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