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5 tips for traveling with just a carry-on

Lots of people over-pack when going on vacation, but true travelers always say they only travel with a carry-on, no matter how long their trip. If you think there’s not enough room in a carry-on to take you through a week, think again.

Critical choices

Start packing items you absolutely know you will need, such as medication or your camera. Once they’re in, you’ll see how much room you have left to work with.

Be strategic

Think versatile outfits, not individual items, such as a nice pair of sandals that can pair with shorts during the day and a great dress at night, or a pair of pants that can do double duty with a T-shirt and blazer.

Tried and true

Forget that perfect top or pants that you’ve been dying to wear but haven’t yet had the chance. Pack what you already know looks good and that you know you’ll be comfortable in.

Ditch the toiletries

Almost anything you need in terms of shampoo, face soap or toothpaste will either be available free at the hotel or you can easily pick up small sample sizes at a local shop or at ­duty-free before you board.

Bulk up

Wear your biggest, bulkiest items on the journey – this is particularly important on winter trips. Also, fill pockets and handbags with things such as chargers, travel documents and smaller electronics, such as your tablet. 

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