Grace Bullen’s guide to Fredrikstad

The wrestler Grace Bullen was born in a refugee camp in Eritrea and came to the Norwegian city Fredrikstad at the age of three. Here she shares her best tips to her hometown Fredrikstad. Located only an hour from Oslo.


I’ve stayed in a few cabins on the coast. I really love the Norwegian nature and you’ll get a great taste of it if you spend a couple of nights here.


The forests of Fredrikstad is great for hiking, walking and barbecuing.

Hikes and the outdoors

We’re really lucky with lots of forest and areas made 
for hiking and walking. This morning, we were outside running as part of my first training session. You get a wonderful view of Hvaler from parts of the higher ground. I’d encourage people to get outside, barbecue and get some fresh air.

The Old Town

I cycle through here twice a day, every day, to and from training. It’s so quaint, regardless of the season, winter or summer. Gamle-byfergen (Old Town Ferry) is also something I would recommend people experience.

The Old Town

Experience the longest river in Norway by boat. Photo: Visit Østfold

Glomma by boat

I don’t have a boat myself, but some of my friends do. It’s so nice to go by boat up Glomma, the longest river in Norway.

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