Japan. Photo: Shutterstock
Japan. Photo: Shutterstock


Skier Magnus Moan’s world

World-class athletes travel the globe, and Norwegian skier Magnus Moan is no different. Here are his top spots.

New York

Central Park, New York. Photo: Shutterstock

It is an incredible city and the place where I proposed to my wife, in Central Park. I felt it was the right place to start our new life together. The day before, we were at the Statue of Liberty. I had the ring in my inner pocket and thought this could be the day. But when we woke up, it rained. We had to wait in line to get home and we were drenched, so I decided not to propose to her. You can plan for it, rehearse everything you want to say, but it just has to happen naturally.



We enjoyed a fantastic holiday here after last season. Let’s just say that everything you’ve seen in photos is what you really get.


It is like entering a different world. They greet you with such a friendly attitude and respect, something we can learn a lot from. I am looking forward to South Korea [the Olympic Games 2018 are in Pyeongchang], if I get to go.

Seiser Alm

A paradise on Earth in the Dolemites in Northern Italy. More than 300 sunny days a year, fresh slopes every day, good food and wine, nice hotels.


Close to Munich. Huge mountains covered in snow and great weather almost all the time. A fabulous place if you enjoy snow and skiing.


By Øysten Tronstad

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